Why Advertise

  • Why should my company be advertising in ICN? Put simply, ICN offers the most targeted, effective and cost efficient way for your company to grow its sales in International Level.
  • Targeted Platform ICN enables your company to communicate with Senior Buyers who have responsibility for purchasing the products that are sold in their stores.
  • ICN also reaches the Executives and main Board Directors with procurement responsibility for the services and products that help these chains succeed.
  • No Wastage When you look at most National Grocery Publications’ circulation, a significant percentage is distributed to Store Managers and also in certain cases through Newsstands Sales.
  • Our clients appreciate the fact that we are very targeted in our distribution and as such they know that there is almost no wastage when it comes to their marketing spend with us.
  • Scale Most companies historically would not have had the budgets to advertise across all of International, but now with ICN they can target International markets in one magazine.
  • High Returns Due to the nature of the products and services our clients are selling, sales created from exposure in ICN can run to millions, especially considering that the relationships with the Retail Chains and Cosmetic Buyers can last for many years. Exclusive Environment
  • Personalised Service at ICN we make a point of delivering the very best service available to our clients. For that reason we offer each client a dedicated account handler whose function is to manage every aspect of your company’s campaign in a way that delivers the best results. We want each new client to feel that we are a powerful marketing tool for their products.