Skin Care Line Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Herrington Slated for TV Appearance

Skin Care Line Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Herrington Slated for TV Appearance

President and Founder of Regina-C Gold, Dixie Medford announces advancement in technology to achieve even better results in skin care. The revised formulation is the ideal way to make skin look years younger and enhance natural beauty. Regina-C Gold breakthrough formulation will appear on television’s “As Seen On TV” program March 2017.

According to Medford, “Our recent advancements are the result of our alignment with Cosmedex Science, Inc., led by Chris Amato.” Continues Dixie Medford, “Cosmedex has 35 years of innovative research to contribute. The Regina-C line was updated by combining PPA Technology and live plant cells. The result is ageless, timeless and flawless skin that exceeds other similar products. It is available at a fraction of the cost of most products.”

This remarkable combination of results and affordability has opened the door for the television appearance, as well as international exposure at the world’s largest skin care exposition, Cosmopro Worldwide Bologna, in Italy this coming March.

“Our newest product is Regina-C Gold Serum, which uses proprietary Phytoproactive (PPA) Technology, will be introduced this year,” states Medford. This serum changes the texture of the skin, reduces scaring, stimulates wound healing and rebuilds lost collagen and elasticity. It is truly remarkable.”

Regina-C LLC was created in 2003 to provide a nutrient-packed line of creamy concentrates with innovative, clinical-tested ingredients that deliver noticeable benefits in anti-aging skin care.

Founder Dixie Medford is world renowned in the fields of medical aesthetics for skin care, permanent and corrective cosmetics. She has been featured on ABC 2020, Fox News and numerous other television and radio shows. She is also a board-certified instructor of dermatologists, aestheticians, cosmetic surgeons and other professionals. Simply put, she is a world-class skin care and cosmetic procedures and ingredients expert.

The new technologies are remarkable. The PPA is based on Silicium, which is naturally present in younger skin. It protects protein and collagen structures. In addition, Live and Stem Plant Cells are added to provide maximum efficacy. With patented Biotechnology methods, active live plant cells are produced free of pollution.

One of the ingredients, Methylsilanol Mannuronate, an organic derivative of seaweed, binds moisture in the epidermis, resulting in the firming and strengthening of the skin. It also improves cell communication and the fibroblast number. The result is as promised — age-defying beauty, freshness and skin clarity.

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  1. Troy   February 4, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    This product is awesome!
    Skin Care Line Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Herrington Slated for TV Appearance

    Finally I have something that really penetrates the skin and repairs ravaged skin from years of Sun & the elements of life. Regina C is incredible. Try it. You’ll never turn back


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