OLIVEDA International, Inc. Announces Entry into China’s Rapidly Growing Cosmetics Market

OLIVEDA International, Inc. Announces Entry into China’s Rapidly Growing Cosmetics Market

OLIVEDA International, Inc., a leading international natural cosmetics innovator, today announced the company’s impending entry into the China market, the fastest growing beauty market in the world, with sales expected to begin on July 1, 2017. The company’s Chinese web presence is scheduled to follow in August 2017, and revenues from sales in the China market are expected to be realized in the second half of fiscal year 2107.

Management’s sales estimates for OLIVEDA products are significant due to the sheer number of potential consumers in the China market, the explosion of urban middle- and upper-income consumers, and the fact that this market prefers luxurious niche-cosmetics over foreign mass-produced products. In large cities, women are estimated to spend 10% or more of their income for face creams, lipstick and mascara. In Shanghai, the country’s largest city, the cosmetics market is booming, with women estimated to invest approximately 50 times more per capita in cosmetics than their counterparts in the rest of the country. Overall, the market for beauty products and cosmetics in China is estimated to exceed 40 billion Euro. OLIVEDA’s focus will be on the more affluent upper-middle and upper income consumer with greater discretionary income and a desire for high-quality products.

OLIVEDA’s high-tech natural cosmetics first appeared in the Chinese edition of Vogue and in other Chinese beauty magazines in October 2016, and just a few days later, the company received its first offers from potential partners.

The unique OLIVEDA high-tech natural cosmetic does not consist of 70% of water, as is the case with virtually all competing cosmetic products, but rather the cell elixir of olive leaves, which provides the highest vitality. The cell elixir is extracted from the leaves of the mountain olive tree, which are protected over thousands of years in a nature reserve in Spain. OLIVEDA products also carry the highly respected “Made in Germany” label, seen as another significant competitive advantage in the China market.

OLIVEDA International Inc.
OLIVEDA International, Inc. is a leading international natural cosmetic innovator. In 2003, German real estate investor Thomas Lommel founded OLIVEDA, and in 2015, the company developed its Olive Tree Pharmacy store concept. With stores currently operating in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Taipei, the company expects a Los Angeles location to open in the summer of 2017. Overall, the company believes it is positioned to operate an additional 20 stores, plus 100 franchise stores, around the world by 2020. For more information on OLIVEDA International, please visit http://www.oliveda.com, http://www.olivetreepeople.com, and http://www.otp.eu.

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