Dermablend launches the #beautifulbeautiful project

Dermablend launches the #beautifulbeautiful project

Launching May 2, 2017, dermablend’s beautiful/beautiful project is about changing the tired beauty story of “before & afters” that suggests there is only one way to be beautiful. “I am overwhelmed daily by the amount of powerful brand love pouring in from our customers. Inspired by these stories, we want to challenge the standards of beauty. this is about changing the typical “before & afters.” we truly believe we are all beautiful either way – before AND after, with and without makeup, said malena higuera, general manager, dermablend professional.

“After 10 years of cystic acne and many more struggling with the clear skin bias around me, dermablend taught me the true power that comes with making the conscious choice to wear makeup and feel confident in that decision. if and when you do choose to wear makeup, everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin,”  malena higuera added.

– The choice to wear makeup is a powerful one – dermablend wants to strip away the judgement associated with this choice. You are powerful when you choose to wear it – and are powerful when you choose not to wear it.

dermablend wants to be a platform to tell powerful stories that are behind the powerful people it touches every day.  Anyone can share a photo with both sides: one side bare-faced and one side with makeup to celebrate being beautiful either way. By using the hashtags #dermablendpro and #beautifulbeautiful and tagging a friend, participants will be entered to win an urban retreat for two in new york city in 2017.

in 1981, an American dermatologist, Dr. Craig Roberts had a breakthrough. frustrated with the limitations of skincare to fully treat his patients, he and his makeup artist wife developed dermablend at the intersection of dermatology and makeup artistry. dermablend’s uncompromised commitment to safety is why it is trusted by dermatologists.  its unmatched formulas make it a cult-favorite among makeup professionals.

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